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Module 1 - History & Biology Intro
I explain everything you need to know (and will find interesting!) about the background of your pet, from where it came from and its history to his body parts.

Module 2 - Buying
This is crucial because picking a healthy tortoise from the start will determine the rest of your experience as a pet owner. Where you buy your tortoise from matters, big time! Know where to buy to get the healthiest and disease free tortoise from the start.

Module 3 - Housing
You need to setup your pets environment with certain criteria in a way that replicates his natural surroundings so that your pet can live the optimum live and live to the happiest, healthiest that he can possibly be.

Module 4 - Food & Diet
A complete layout of the necessary super-foods and nutrients that he needs and what you can never ever feed him, get the exact formula that your tortoise ate in the wild and is meant for, which few people actually know.

Module 5 - Breeding
Also interested in breeding your Horsefield/Russian tortoise? This outlines everything you will need to know to be able to have the funnest and cutest baby tortoises!

Module 6 - Hibernation
Properly hibernating and using certain techniques will make your tortoise live a longer and more energetic life!

Module 7 - Health
This is a comprehensive section on how to deal with any health issues that arise including parasites, disease, eating, hygiene and trouble shooting. All the sections are equally important for the survival and longevity of your pet but when you need to know this important information about any pressing health issues, you will need a instant reference guide like this one! Which is why this section is great to have on hand to come back to
and use as a reference.

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