Feeding water for your horsefield tortoise

Feeding Water for Your Horsefield Tortoise In the wild tortoises drink more in the winter and wet season where puddles and steams are available and less in the summer and dry season where they

mainly rely on water from the plants and vegetation they eat.

In captivity however it is important to provide water year around so that they have access at any time. They will regulate and drink what they need so do not worry they will consume too much.  Clean the water bowl out every day to several times a week depending on how fast it gets dirty.

One to two times a week put your tortoise is shallow water for around five to fifteen minutes. They will hydrate and also relieve themselves in the water. Because of the relieving part, make sure to do this in a difference water bowl than the one they regularly drink from!

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Outdoor Water Dish

horsefield tortoise water dishEven though they could get by without it, this replicates the wild during the wet season when there are puddles and steams from the rain. Being outdoors, it can get dirty faster so make sure it is kept clean, doesn’t overflow from rain and is provided year-round. Being outdoors the water dish can get dirty faster with things falling in so be sure to clean it often.

Make the water level shallow enough so that incase he gets rolled onto his back he will not drowned. Depending on the height of your water dish you may need to sink it into the ground a bit for easy access. For the outdoors a good water dish size is 30.5 cm (1 foot) in diameter and .6 to 1.2 cm (1/4

– ½ inches) off the ground.

Several materials work great including ceramic, metal and plastic. There are many water dishes manufactures especially for reptiles and tortoises or you can find your own from a shallow dog bowl, large lids from containers or bowls from your kitchen set.

Another fun idea is to make a water drinking area out of cement and have it look like a steam or pond! You need to build it correctly to ensure that it will be properly sealed and built to last.

Indoor Water Dish

They need a water dish year-round indoors too. They get a good amount from the food they eat but allowing water all the time will keep your tortoise in top condition. Make sure the water dish is not deep enough that your pet could drowned if it accidentally is on its back in the dish. Be sure to clean the water dish often.

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