Terraristic Cuttle Fish Bones 12 cm 2 pcs Review

Having the right kind of heat for your horsefield tortoise is incredibly important, as it is one of the few elements that will keep it healthy and happy.

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The Review

horsefield tortoise cuttle fish bone calciumI recently adopted a Horsefield tortoise, Charlie. Well, actually I rescued him from a relative who wasn’t able to take care of him properly. Charlie was basically living in a cardboard box without a proper heat lamp and was only being fed lettuce a few times a week. Anyway, I went to the vet and checked him out and thankfully he is healthy as can be expected.

One of the things the vet stressed was that tortoises can sometimes suffer from calcium deficiency and need a variety of foods and other sources to get enough. I did some research and found these cuttle fish bones.

I was a little skeptical about whether or not Charlie would go for these. But after adjusting to his new home, I noticed that there were some little nibbles taken out of the edges. I think he likes it especially Terraristic Cuttle Fish Bones, 12 cm, 2 pcsbecause cuttlebones are supposed to be good for Charlie’s beak. It’s been just a few weeks and I’m already planning on getting a few more of these just to have on hand.

Now, I’ve also learned that Charlie requires a calcium and vitamin supplement in addition to his cuttle fish bone. But with all of these things together he is thriving in his forever home. If you’re thinking about whether or not your horsefield tortoise needs a cuttlefish bone, I highly recommend it. Every once in a while I catch Charlie nibbling on his little snack before lumbering to the other side of his tank. Charlie and I are definitely happy with this purchase and we highly recommend!

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Horsefield tortoises and other species of tortoises do love variety. This is especially true where their food sources is concerned. This is why they should be fed a wide variety of different foods to suit their nutritional needs for good health and survival on a day to day basis. Some species of tortoises in the wild are known for consuming up to 200 different kinds of plants during the year. The kinds of plants that they do eat, tend to range from season to season and some can be young and fresh while others may be old and dry. They are still very succulent to the tortoise in every way.

Horsefield tortoises and other tortoise species do have a strong requirement for calcium and Vitamin D-3 in their lives. Because of this reason, tortoises are said to be found in regions, which are very rich with soils that have abundant trace elements of calcium and other essential nutrients. Tortoises also thrive in natural sunlight. This is because natural sunlight does contain UV-B radiation. This natural sunlight is required by the tortoise to be able to freely use the calcium it does get from its food.

Horsefield tortoises appreciate an eating diet that is variety. However, the definition of variety, doesn’t mean you can just feed them anything. You can only feed them things that are good and nutritious for them only. The things they can eat do include grasses, leafy greens, vegetation and flowers that aren’t toxic in description. They can have plants and weeds that aren’t poisonous. Never feed your Horsefield tortoise any meat products at all. They also cannot eat the following things. No tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, iceberg lettuce, or spinach. Don’t overfeed them either. Always provide them with fresh drinking water.

Are cuttle fish bones really good for Horsefield Tortoises?
The answer to this question is yes, Horsefield tortoises do seem to love having a cuttle fish bone in their living enclosure. It is a very rich source of calcium and something that helps to keep their beaks nice and sharp. It is also the very special something that is an essential in helping to keep their shell very healthy as well. Every Horsefield Tortoise needs a cuttle fish bone just because. This just because it is the thing to help keep the tortoise happy and healthy at the very same time.

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