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After Helping Hundreds Of Horsefield Tortoise Owners I Can Guarantee You Are:
1. Missing Crucial Care Information
2. Not Providing Care Correctly

Now For The First Time You Can Get The Only Guide That Is Made Just For The Horsefield Tortoise with Care Secrets That Have Never Been Shared Before.

Just Follow This Step-By-Step Easy, Simple & Proven System To Make Your Horsefield Tortoise The Happiest & Healthiest!

What You Will Learn In This Guide

Learn the key care techniques specifically for the Horsefield/ Russian Tortoise that the general pet shops don't know

  • Buying

    This is crucial because picking a healthy tortoise from the start will determine the rest of your experience as a pet owner.

  • Housing

    There is certain criteria and environment to set up your pets environment in a way that replicates his natural surroundings so that your pet can live the optimum live and live to the the happiest, healthiest Russian/Horsefield he can possibly be.

  • Food

    A complete layout of the necessary super-foods and nutrients that he needs and what you can never ever feed him, get the exact formula that your tortoise ate in the wild and is meant for, which few people actually know.

  • Breeding

    Also interested in breeding your Horsefield/Russian tortoise? This outlines everything you will need to know to be able to have the funnest and cutest baby tortoises!

  • Hibernation

    Properly hibernating and using certain techniques will make your tortoise live a longer and more energetic life!

  • Health Issues

    This is a comprehensive section on how to deal with any health issues that arise including parasites, disease, eating, hygiene and trouble shooting. All the sections are equally important for the survival and longevity of your pet but when you need to know this important information about any pressing health issues, you will need a instant reference guide like this one! Which is why this section is great to have on hand to come back to and use as a reference.

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

All the information you need (and none that you don't) compiled into a easy to read guide. This takes all the time consuming guess work out having a Horsefield/ Russian tortoise as a pet and just leaves you with all the fun stuff to enjoy!

The famous "HCME" Digital Guide

The Horsefield Care Made Easy digital guide is easily accessible in any format including laptop, desktop, tablet and phone. Most reference back to the guide any time they have a specific question!

Specializing On The Horsefield/ Russian Tortoise

The guide only covers the Horsefield/ Russian tortoise because you have to know what this tortoise needs specifically in order to take the best care of him possible so that he can can live the happiest, healthiest, most energetic & longest life possible!

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If you are not 100% happy with our tortoise guide we will issue a no questions asked refund. We are confident you will love this guide and find it extremely helpful in taking better care of your pet but if not simply get refunded. 100% no risk purchase.