Horsefield Tortoise for Sale

horsefield tortoise for sale

Shopping around and getting a new pet tortoise can be a very exciting time. They are a great animal to have as a pet. Originating from the Mediterranean and Eurasia, they are now very popular in the United States and UK.

The good thing is that they are a very popular type of tortoise to have as a pet so getting the supplies and proper care necessary in readily available.

They are a very friendly tortoise that is playful and a lot of fun to own.

When you are looking to purchase this pet there are several things to know and consider.


Ultimate Horsefield Buyer Guide

Tortoise Table Starter Kit ULTIMATE

Tortoise Table Starter Kit ULTIMATE
#1 Best bet to get you started the fastest and correctly. Includes everything you need to start. Takes all the guess work out of it! For someone getting their first Horsefield, this saves the hassle of piecing everything together yourself and wondering if it's right! Save by bundling and getting all the correct supplies in one place.
Tortoise Starter Kit ADVANCED

Tortoise Starter Kit ADVANCED
Excellent. Includes UV-A / UV-B lighting, engraved pets name, furnishings, food, manual and vitamins.
Tortoise Table Starter Kit BASIC

Tortoise Table Starter Kit BASIC
Good. Includes UV-A/UV-B lamps and holder, thermostat, furnishings, food, vitamins. Great to start but you will need to get additional items. For someone getting their first Horsefield, this saves the hassle of piecing everything together yourself and wondering if it's right!
Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table
Vivexotic Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table (Flatpack)
Basic. Essential housing and you will need to buy all other accessories but they sell a housing extension to make the housing larger as he grows later on.
Grassland Natural Tortoise Food

Grassland Zoo Med Natural Tortoise Food
#1 Best bet for food because it is specifically designed for the Horsefield tortoise and its Testudo Genus. It's formulated just for them with the correct vitamins, minerals and fiber. All natural with no artificial colors or preservatives and mainly consists of their favorite, Dandelion and Yucca.
Komodo Dandelion Flavour Food
Komodo Dandelion Flavour Tortoise Food 2Kg
I recommend this because Dandelion is one of their top favorites and Komodo is a trusted provider. It is a excellent food source, you need many different types of food including fresh. A big heath secret for them is having as many different types of food as possible. Add this to your food arsenal!
uvb, uva, visual light and heat Bulb

Exo Terra PT2192 Solar Glo Mercury Vapour Lamp
Perfect all in one bulb that delivers all the lighting your Horsefield will need when kept inside.
Pro Rep Tortoise Life Substrate 25 litres

Pro Rep Tortoise Life Substrate 25 litres
Reliable pro-grade substrate perfect for his housing environment. Buying packaged substrate over wild dirt etc. prevents many possible contamination problems. This is best mixed with other substate sources like Timothy hay, wood chips and sand. Keep dry to prevent shell rot.
Horsefield Care Made Easy

Advanced guide. This is the only guide that is made just for the Horsefield Tortoise. Includes everything on buying, housing, food, breeding, hibernation and health issues. All of the information you need to know specifically about your one type of pet, the Horsefield tortoise, is in this care guide.


Long Term Care Giving

They can have a lifespan of over 50 years so having a plan in place is important.  Identify whether you plan to have it as long as it lives, 35-50+ years or plan to give it to someone else to take care after a certain amount of years. In either case, it is important to put the tortoise in your will, so if anything would to happen to you (not to scare you, but they can live longer than humans!) then there would be another care taker lined up.

They can live both indoor and outdoor with the right living conditions including temperature, shelter, materials etc. Decide where the best place for your pet to live would be around your house. Know the housing you will provide your pet before you get him home. The exact how-to for food, shelter, hibernation and health are important to know before getting your pet and this information is provided in this eBook below.


Baby Horsefield Tortoises for Sale

They are definitely the cutest to have. If you are buying a wild-caught Horsefield then it is actually better to get a baby as they are not use to any exact temperature and living conditions.

The benefit of buying a captive-hatched tortoise is that they are less likely to have parasites and diseases.

Buying a more mature pet is also a great option. You can find many of these pre-owned. Babies are very cute and it is understandable if you would like a baby over a full grown adult but you can also purchase a preowned baby or very young adult. The best place in the UK for pre-owned Horsefields is



This is very important to do before you buy your pet. Locate a nearby veterinarian. If possible, locate a reptile or tortoise veterinarian specialist. This way if a problem ever arises you won’t be panicking to find help. Your pet will have the best chances of survival if you have a quick predetermined plan of action.

It is a great option to bring your new Horsefield by the your veterinarian to check and make sure your new friend is healthy. Nip little problems in the bud before they grow into big problems! It is also good to get acquainted with your new veterinarian.


Male and Females Horsefield Tortoises for Sale

You can tell whether is is male or female because females have shorter tails and are actually larger than males, growing to 20cm (8 inches).

Males have longer and usually curled tails and grow to 15cm (6 inches).


What to Look for with a Horsefield Tortoise



Look For



Clear Eyes

Cloudy Eyes

Clean Nose

Mucus/Bubbling Nose

Clean Bum

Bum Showing Buildup/ Residue

No signs of Shell Damage

Visual Shell Damage/ Pyramiding

Active/ Alert




Clean/Abundant Housing with

Only Horsefields

Dirty/ Crowded Housing with different kinds of tortoises (danger!)


* Pyramiding – when the scutes (individual pieces that make up the shell) are raised and pointed, resembling a pyramid.

* Heavy – Pick the one out of the bunch that looks big, tough and strong! This is a sign of vitality.


Where Should My New Pet Come From?

Where to Buy and What to Look for with a Horsefield TortoiseAsk and be sure to get to the bottom of what the Horsefield’s history is. The highest recommended options are due to having the least chances of parasites, diseases or other health issues.

Best Bet

Captive Bred
This means that your Horsefield was born in the country that you live in and was not shipped in from another country.  This is your best bet because there is much less room for error and higher chance you will get a pet with no health problems. Nowadays Horsefield’s are captive bred in almost all countries. You can find captive bred at a local pet store, reptile shop, large pet store, reptile shows and from breeders.

Great Bet

Long-Term Captive
Early on in life this type was imported but the majority of his life has been in your native country. There are several advantages to this. First, he is a proven healthy pet. It is also great to provide a home and care for a Horsefield a few to many years old while the previous owner no longer wants to or can take care of the pet. Although, you may not want a full grown Horsefield. It may resonate with some while others want the “new puppy” sensation of having a baby tortoise.


Okay Bet

This is not the safest bet because there is more room for error. Just “imported” and not “wild caught” means a captive bread Horsefield in another country is being shipped to your country. There are several factors that can go wrong. Fast changes in location and environment can be devastating. The shipping arrangements can be cramped with a sick or different type of tortoise in the same pen. When one tortoise is sick the others usually get the illness, which could be parasites or a disease. Stress from the move can also produce parasites in your Horsefield.


Mediocre Bet

With this, you don’t really know what you are getting. You can’t see or inspect the Horsefield in person and you also have the shipping factor as discussed in “imported.” Many people have successfully received a excellent Horsefield but the chances are simply higher of something going wrong.


Worst Bet

Wild Caught
When a Horsefield is picked from the wild and many times shipped to your country from another country has a high risk of health issues like parasites and disease. The mortality rate can be very high. This should be highly avoided. Always get a captive breed pet over wild caught. Wild caught are the least expensive but if is best to pay a bit more now that pay veterinarian bills later.

With imported, online and wild caught it is best to have a qualified person or veterinarian look over the animal to make sure it is health before purchase.



Where Should I Buy a Horsefield Tortoise From?

Best Place to Buy From

Reptile Shop
A local reptile shop is your best bet when buying your Horsefield. They specialize in reptiles and are the most knowledgeably out of all animal retail shops. Most owners and workers are reptile enthusiasts and are genuinely passionate about the topic. Face-to-face is the optimal way to deal with buying and maintaining your pet. After purchasing you can buy all of your needs such as food and housing equipment on an ongoing basis and consult with any health issues that may arise.



Other great Options

Everyone does not live by a local reptile shop. Here are some other great ways to purchase your pet.

Local Pet Shop
You can find healthy Horsefields here. The drawback is that many of these locations are focused so diversely on all types of pets their expertise might not be great on this specific pet.  You can get your ongoing maintenance but double check that everything like food etc. is correct with resources like this eBook.

This is another great option because breeders usually know a tremendous amount about the pets they breed and can bread a very healthy one for you. The drawback is that they don’t provide ongoing maintenance for supplies and health.

Large Pet Shop
Most large retailers and franchises can work out well for you. Similar to the local pet shop they don’t niche down to any specific type of pet, their staff knows a little about many types of pets. You can still buy quality pets from these places but be sure to cover “what to Avoid.”

Reptile shows
Any place where enthusiasts meet up to network can be an excellent way to get your pet. Similar to a reptile shop, many people here are experts that know what they are talking about and can sell a very healthy Horsefield to you.



Your pets quality of life depends on how you care for it including factors like food and shelter. Having the correct knowledge is crucial as a care taker and I couldn’t possibly fit everything you need to know on this page, that is why I created the email mini-course for you. Sign in below for your informational mini-course.