Is a Horsefield Tortoise The Right Pet for Me?

A Horsefield Tortoise is a small species of tortoises that people love. These little reptiles only reach the maximum size of 8 inches and that is for females as males are known to only reach about 6.5 inches. Their shell color can vary from a dark brown to an olive green in color. These neat tiny species of turtles that are a cool pet to have if it is what you’re looking for.

Life Expectancy
When keeping this animal as a pet, it is important to realize that these tortoises live for a very long time. They can easily reach the age of 60 years or longer if they are properly cared for. So it’s important to consider this creature only if you’re willing to make a life-long commitment to its care.

Horsefield Tortoise is one of the easiest species to care for, however they still may not be the perfect pet for beginners, seeing how they need a lot of care and time to make sure they are healthy and happy. They require both indoor and outdoor enclosures, with the indoor one should be a large tortoise table so that they can move around freely. The outside enclosure also needs to be large that has areas for shade and sunny spots. These reptiles love to dig and, therefore, the substrate of their habitat should be something that they can easily dig down to their pleasure, a top-soil or play sand is recommended. It’s also important to have a hiding spot for these little guys, clean fresh water, and a light/heat source.

Here is a list of other animals that you might consider if you realize that the Horsefield Tortoise is just not for you.


Fun loving companions that come in all sorts of different sizes and colors. There are over 340 different types of breeds to choose from! It’s important to research carefully to find the dog that is perfect for you and your family.

Life Expectancy
This all boils down to what kind of dog breed you have, as certain dogs can be prone to illness and other problems. However, the average age of a dog is 13, so it is still a rather long time commitment.

Most dogs are not high maintenance, but still needs a lot of care and love for them to live a long healthy life. It’s important to feed your dog a high variety diet as well as fresh clean water every day. Each dog will have different exercise and grooming needs, so it’s important to know what your dog deserves and act accordingly. It’s also important to have your beloved dog visit the vet regularly.

There are also many supplies you will need with a dog, so keep that in mind. Things that you will need to pick up at your local pet shop or online are items like chew toys, doggie begs, leashes, collars, treats, car seat covers (if your pooch gets as dirty as mine), flea shampoo and the list goes on. So be sure and keep that in mind if you decide to go with a dog for your pet.



Horses are amazing animals that just scream wild and free. They have a strong build, but are also gentle. They come and a wide variety of different colors as well as different sizes, from a tiny pony all the way up to Clydesdale. These are beautiful animals, but can take a lot to care for.

Life Expectancy
With these gentle giants you can expect them to stay around for up to 25 to 30 years, so remember that if you decide to purchase one of these animals.

Horse care can be rather tedious at the time as rather expensive, but in the end it is all worth it. They need a large area to be able to graze easily, as well as fresh water and food (treats are also good). They need to be brushed as well as having their shoes cleaned regularly. It’s also important to have a vet come out and check on them once in a while as well. With todays technology, it is maintenance is much easier with the help of Horse Probiotics and various medicines. This makes the stress out of care and provides you with more time to enjoy and ride your horse!


Cats are those laid-back lap-lovers that love to jump up to high places. Cats are beautiful animals that have different looks and personality. There are currently 34 recognize domestic cat breeds (one of my favorites types being tuxedo cats). Some of these are more laid back and love to be in your lap all day and some have a personality more of a dog and love to run around all day. They are definitely one of the most fun types of pet to have and each really has it’s own unique personality and characteristics which is why brainstorming and choosing perfect cat names is so important and makes it that much more fun and fulfilling to have a name that perfectly matches your pet cat. There are several great common types of cats that you can’t go wrong with; Siamese, American Shorthair, Persian and Maine Coon just to name a few. My favorite is Siamese but do your own research and come to your own conclusion so you care happy with your choice (but here is some siamese cat information if you’re like me!).

Life Expectancy
With great care and a loving home, these felines can easily reach the ripe old age of fifteen years, another species that has a good size lifespan.

Daily food and fresh water should be a given, but there are also some other demands that you need in order to care for your feline friend. A vet checkup is also needed to ensure that they are healthy and there are no diseases like feline leukemia. Depending on their coat they may need to be brushed at least weekly as well as all animals they need to run around and play and explore their animal instincts.

The important thing is to do your research to find the pet that meets you and your family’s needs the most. You should think what you’re looking for in a pet and you should be able to find your perfect family addition.