I am thinking about getting a Tortoise as a pet; should I get one?

Wondering whether or not that adorable little tortoise might make a good pet for you or your child?

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a tortoise as a pet. It’s important to know exactly what you are getting into before you even begin to consider getting a tortoise as a pet.

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You may be surprised to learn that tortoises are easier to care for than a dog or cat in some regards. Because they only eat every 3 or 4 days, you don’t have to feed them everyday. As long as you remove any uneaten food from their habitat after a day or so, there is very little work to do when it comes to nutrition.

Also, have to gain a tortoises trust after the initial two or three weeks on them hiding out in their shell until they become comfortable is a very good way to teach young the children the value of an abstract concept like patience. The can see that if they wait a little while, their patience will pay off in the tortoise allowing you to hold it without trying to bite you. And since tortoises live as long as humans, this is a pet you can keep for a lifetime.


However, these factors don’t take into account the risks involved with having a tortoise for a pet. As stated above, tortoises can have a tendency to bite you if a baseline of trust has not been established. Also tortoises can carry certain diseases, so you need to be careful to wash your hands before and after handling a tortoise. And be ready to have your wallet take a dent, since tortoises (even ones from an everyday pet store) are not cheap at all. May sure you have enough money for both the pet and the tank/habitat your intend to keep it in.

Al things considered, owning a tortoise is a significant expense in money and time. And this is not just for a traditional pet lifespan, but for possible decades of commitment. But if you are willing to make the sacrifice and be diligent, owning a tortoise can be one of the most rewarding pet ownership experiences you’ll ever have. On the reverse end, if you are not a responsible person, not around the house a lot, go out and party at local pubs and live a wild life style etc. then you should think twice because while it’s a small responsibility… it is still a responsibility. So make sure you have room in your life for one of these little guys!