Russian Tortoise Book

Russian Tortoise BookEveryone looking to own a Russian or you already own one, this is the ideal book for you. It practically contains all the relevant information on how to care for your Russian tortoise without a hassle. Russians are great pets to have and the least you as a pet owner can do is care for him the best way possible. While sometimes it may feel tiring and a lot of a responsibility, it may be because you are doing it all wrong.

The “Horsefield Care Made Easy” will help you ease out the process while minimizing the risk of a mistake taking place. It offers a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to meet pet owner objectives and goals every step of the way.



Ebook Contents
With only 58 pages of content, this is an easy to read book that is easily understandable. This guide is broken down to six parts to distinguish different aspects that need to be addressed as a Russian tortoise pet owner. You get to learn how to pick it out in a pet store, how to accommodate it, what it should feed on to remain healthy, as well as breeding and overall health concerns. To better understand what this book contains, here is a summary of each section. Each of the sections is important and the information is relevant for ever potential as well as current pet owner.

This section is all about purchasing a healthy Russian tortoise. As you search for one as a first time potential pet owner, you need to be very cautious. You will understand the benefits of being picky and buying a healthy tortoise. This is the very first step to a lasting relationship.

After purchasing your tortoise, you need to give your pet a home and not simply make your home his home. Russians are sensitive and without the right environment, they may start to show negative signs that can be difficult to deduce. Here, you get to understand the criteria and suitable environment. The key objective is to provide an environment that is similar to that of its natural habitat.

Different animals feed uniquely and the Russian tortoise is no different. You receive an outline of what nutrients are more important and what foods to avoid at all costs. The content of the nutritional value and portions in its meals are also outlined in this section of the Horsefield Care Made Easy.

If you are looking to grow the number of your Russian pets, why not breed them rather than constantly purchasing another? This section explains how to ensure the process is successful.

The Russian tortoise is a hibernating animal and you need to ensure this cycle is maintained for their well-being and overall health. It also seeks to prolong their lives.

This section covers all that you need to know to address aspects such as parasites, infections, diseases, eating habits and overall hygiene.

This guide is definitely what every Russian tortoise pet owner should own. It is not only straight to the point but also very applicable and specific. Though many other books act as guides for tortoises in general, this one concentrates on Russian tortoises specifically. The information is easy to understand which makes it equally as easy to apply. With this book, you will definitely realize a great difference in the health and character of your Russian pet in just over a short period of time.

If you are looking for an easy to understand book on how to care for your Russian tortoise at its best, this is the book you need to purchase. It eliminates all the jargon and allows you become a great pet owner looking to offer only the best. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee without any questions. The bottom line is that you receive positive results and this is the ideal book to buy to meet your every objective as a Russian pet owner and that of your pet.